College confidential sat essay

July 8, 2019
college confidential sat essay

Standardized testing isnt everything, and that essay score shouldnt matter too much.

If you are interested, you could forward your essay to me and i can give you some idea why your essay received the score that it got. I am a retired english teacher and have worked for several years for pearson, the company that rates sat essays for the college board.

Sat essay help college confidential for help creating a thesis statement.

My understanding is that they do not pay much attention to the essay score. Any sat score starting with high 1400s is good enough - the other parts of your application will make the difference.

You do not get bonus points for taking it with the essay, so it comes down to your choice. Obviously if any of your target colleges require the essay, then the question is moot. For the rest, they will spend more time analyzing your application essays than analyzing your sat essay score.

My daughter got a 780v 750m on the new sat, but shes a little disappointed in her essay scores 7, 5, 7.

I have taken quite a few college prep tests and can never score well on them. For example, my sat is a 1230 and thats the highest ive gotten after retaking it twice.

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Some studies conclude that more than two-thirds of students will cheat at least once during high school andor college. As a result, schools are on high alert, spending more time tracking down students taking the plagiarism path.